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NSU Supermax photo gallery

What modifications did I make?  For safety and to accommodate modern traffic conditions I fitted mirrors, a brake light switch on the hand lever and compact halogen indicators.  Mirrors and indicators weren’t required in the fifties and originally only the foot brake operated the stop light.  The original 6V generator was irreparable so I sourced some electrickery from Germany and have been very pleased with it.  It means globes are easy to come by, there’s a decent halogen headlight (it’s a weird 6.5” size and by chance I discovered a Honda item that fitted) and the battery won’t go flat.  The bike will also run on a capacitor instead of battery should the need arise.

I fitted a temporary breather because the engine was pressurising the crankcase and blowing oil everywhere.  A compression test was spot on so I reasoned that a compression ring was broken and sure enough the second compression ring was broken, probably during re-assembly in the eighties.  The bore was OK so I honed it and replaced the ring and it’s now fine.  I left the breather there anyway because it doesn’t do any harm, all these old motors are under-ventilated.  Breathe, damn you, breathe!

I’ve tried to make sure any modifications are reversible so the machine can easily be returned to 100% original.