Sunset from the Fortress in Macau


Seen through the heavy smog over Macau the sunset looks... atmospheric, to say the least.  Nice balance of pictorial elements, though.

Settled by the Portuguese from about 1554, Macau was the key gateway to trade between China and Europe, and was the most important port in the region until Hong Kong was developed.  Macau is now known more for its casinos but move away from that precinct and there are still some fascinations to discover.  It’s well worth the ferry ride from Hong Kong, see it before its charm gets modernised away.

Much of Macau is as you’d expect in China but in some parts you could be in Old Lisbon.  And from the old to the new the gaudy Grand Lisboa casino rises over all; it can be seen from everywhere in Macau.  Here are some more photos from our visit...