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successful experience for us and our ‘Black’ Aston Martin has been very reliable and is a joy to drive. It is totally impractical, in that there is no hood or even a tonneau, but has for the past three years or so been a ‘daily driver’, covering some thirteen thousand miles in that time alone. We have secured the registration number JMC-388, in acknowledgement of our famous Aston Martin forebear. We have also retained the original U.K number plates GS-7310.

Jock’s restored ‘Black Car’ was purchased by an Argentinean gentleman who unfortunately died some six or seven years ago. His family shipped his car to UK Aston Martin specialist Andy Bell for service and we were fortunate to view it in Andy’s workshop three years ago. We took a number of photographs of the car and have them on file.

The body of Jock’s car was unique, the only one built. To our knowledge there are three reproduction examples in the UK.   We have seen them and whilst they

look fabulous we believe our car to be by far the most accurate and ‘all-of-a-piece’, with almost all of its components sourced from our original car.  We see ourselves as privileged caretakers of this very special vehicle.

Horsfall’s ‘Black Car’ sets the standard

Streamlined coachwork of the original ‘Black Car’ featuring works ‘Ulster’ body.  The rear section hinges upward to reveal the spare wheel and tyre

Comprehensively equipped cockpit of the ‘tribute’ car.  Note original instruments, steering wheel and gearbox

Overhead camshaft engine of the ‘tribute’ car is good for 98 b.h.p.

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John Westcott’s Service Centre

‘Jock’ Horsfall was a very brave and resourceful driver whose outstanding preparation and driving skills allowed him to ‘mix it’ with the best of his day.  After wartime service supporting secret operations, including Operation Mincemeat, Jock was killed whilst competing in an ERA in 1949 and remains a revered stalwart of the Aston Martin community.

Our family was smitten by the magazine feature extolling his exploits, the development of his cars and, above all, the evocative photographs of the newly restored ‘Black Car’.  We decided to create our own tribute to this iconic treasure, with only the magazine pictures to guide us.  We cleaned, checked and painted all mechanical components, still in excellent order, and commissioned Jeff Edwards’ Artisan Coachworks to design and build a new timber frame and Richard Stanley’s Coachcraft to fashion the new aluminium panels to finish the car, now in short chassis specification.  The rebuild was a satisfying and