Volvo Amazon wagon aka Thor’s Hammer


Confusingly badged as a 121 and known in Sweden as an hgv or herregardvogen (farm wagon) only about fifty were imported into Australia in the day.  Originally fitted with the B18A single carb, 1800cc, 75hp engine with four speed M40 gearbox and 4.56:1 diff, ours is now fitted with a refreshed B18D twin carb, 90hp engine with rebuilt M41 D Type overdrive box and 4.1:1 diff.  Comfy cruising!  The 220 also had 4.5” wheels as fitted to the 123GT and P1800 but ours now has Ford 6” inch ‘carnival’ wheels as the originals were beyond redemption.  Other features include twin down pipe sports exhaust and uprated radiator with thermo fan.  There’s also a nifty, custom made light bar to complement the 123GT fog lamp mounts and uprated head lamp wiring and relays are fitted.  A custom tow bar is hidden behind the rear bumper and the tailgate has a heated window.  SAAB 9.3 front seats add comfort, the original (retained) seats have head restraints and rear seat belts are fitted.

Volvo 220 Estate